Sara Kahrs & Musa Moss

Sara and Musa’s wedding day is chock full of personal artistic touches that make it uniquely them.

by Kali Salazar

Dec 2023

Sara Kahrs & Musa Moss
Photo by Canaan Gammon Photography

Despite going to the same church, volunteering at the same events and having many mutual friends and similar interests, Sara and Musa had never met until they matched on Hinge. Intrigued by his artistry and love for animals, Sara sent the first message and so their love story began. Their first date consisted of dinner and a paint class where their painting instructor told them that all of the first date couples that come there end up getting married and coming back to tell him about it. The same rang true for Sara and Musa as they said “I do,” earlier this year.

Being the artist he is, Musa’s proposal was nothing short of creative as he strategically got a photographer to reach out to Sara offering a free photo shoot to grow his social media following. During the photo shoot, Musa got down on one knee behind Sara. As she turned around, she finally realized what was happening. Following the proposal, Musa had planned a sweet surprise at his parents’ house with both of their families to celebrate the special occasion.

Sara Kahrs & Musa Moss

Sara and Musa are both creatives, so they handpicked, hand-drew and handmade each detail to fit their vision.

Sara Kahrs & Musa Moss

Sara and Musa cut into their wedding cake designed and baked by the bride herself. It is adorned with elegant flowers for the perfect finishing touch.

Photos by Canaan Gammon Photography

As creatives, Sara and Musa knew they wanted to include as many personal and unique details in their wedding as possible. Sarah made 12 cakes for their guests as well as her own wedding cake! Musa handmade vases for table decor and as gifts for the bridesmaids to put their flowers in during the reception. Sara also hand drew their guestbook so guests could color in their “person” and write their name below. As party favors, Sara and Musa made ceramic heart magnets glazed in their wedding colors for guests to take home. To end their beautifully designed day, Sara surprised Musa with a private last dance to the first song they ever danced to. The paint instructor was right and Sara says, “Sounds like we owe them a visit ;).”