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All-Weather Sledding in Branson, Missouri

An all-weather tubing hill near Branson lets 417-landers sled their little hearts out—even when the forecast doesn’t cooperate.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Jan 2024

Wolfe Mountain, Branson, MO
Photo courtesy Wolfe MountainTake a slide down a slope in any weather in Branson, Missouri.

You know those days when you’re craving a wild ride down a snowy hill, but there’s no snow in sight? A Branson-area attraction has a fix for that. The Snowflex Park at Wolfe Mountain at 2339 Highway 65, Walnut Shade (the same spot that’s home to Branson Zip Line) is the exception to that rule. It features a 400-foot turf slope that’s lightly misted with water, making it the perfect super-fast and slick surface to sled down on the park’s giant inner tubes. 

The tubing hill opened in late 2017 using technology developed by Dieter Sturm of Briton Engineering. Even if you don’t know Sturm’s name, you’ve probably seen his work. He has had a long career working in the film industry, creating realistic, synthetic snow—like all that snow in Fargo that was practically a character in the movie. The turf that cascades down the hillside is white, giving the hill the rough illusion of being covered in snow. But in fact, this hill is spritzed with water and ready to roll even on the hottest days of summer. We like to go in the fall and winter, though, when the little nip in the air gives us that “flying down a hill in the brisk air” vibe that we love about real sledding.

Be sure to visit early this month, to start your year on an adventurous note.