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Summer in Ritter Springs

Ritter Springs is the perfect place to bask in the sun and explore nature.

By Mariah Hunter

Aug 2022

Woman hiking
Photo courtesy ShutterstockEnjoy the last of summer at Ritter Springs park.

Summer is the perfect time of the year to get outdoors and cool off by the water. Ritter Springs is a great place to do so and is just northwest of the city limits. This park offers outdoor entertainment such as hiking, canoeing, floating and cave excursions where the community can educate themselves in nature through tagging along with an expert on a guided hike. Ritter Springs itself is located by Fulbright Spring Greenway. This is the trail that connects to Ritter Springs and is 7 miles long. Hikers can also choose a shorter venture by fallowing the loop that goes around the lake. An enjoyable way to spend the summer at Ritter Springs park is to dip your toes in the cool water and enjoy the sunshine or a picnic with a loved one. The 245-acre park offers ample places to spend some time kayaking and breathing in the fresh smell of summer sunscreen. Something you may not know about Ritter Springs is that it has 45 years of history tied to the Springfield community. A great way to explore this park is to sign up for guided nature walks, hikes and excursions through the park board’s website. Ritter Springs assists in helping the Springfield community get outdoors and enjoy nature whether it be sunbathing in the sunshine or reading under a shady tree.