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Winter Blooms in St. Louis Missouri

Make the trip to St. Louis to explore one of the nation’s largest orchid collections this month.

By Michelle Lewis

Feb 2023

Botanical Garden in St. Louis MO
Photo courtesy Shutterstock

The Missouri Botanical Garden’s annual orchid show is your once-a-year chance to see the garden’s orchids firsthand. Throughout the year, the plants live in greenhouses where they are cared for by the garden’s specialists. This year, the show will take place in the garden’s brand new Emmerson Conservatory.

What You’ll See

Escape the dead-of-winter blues as you make your way through the paths of flower beds and explore the tropical beauty of orchids. With the garden’s collection of over 6,000 individual orchid plants, you are sure to see hundreds of flowers of every color in full bloom. 

When to Go

The Orchid Show opens January 28th and runs through the end of February. Each week orchids are switched out based on what is in bloom, guaranteeing that no matter when you visit there will be a wide variety of blooms for you to view. In fact, you can visit the gardens multiple times and see something new each time.

While You’re There

While visiting the gardens for the Orchid Show, don’t miss the new collections that live in the Emmerson Conservatory year-round. You’ll see plants from all over the world, many of which have never been seen in the garden before. Of course, a visit to the botanical gardens wouldn’t be complete without a walk through the Climatron, the iconic dome that houses a tropical rainforest. The warm 85 degrees inside makes it a perfect place to explore when visiting the gardens in the colder months.

A Cool Place to Eat

Don’t let the adventure end; make your way to Olio (1634 Tower Grove Ave., St. Louis, 314-932-1088) for a delicious meal. Located in a renovated 1930s Standard Oil filling station, the restaurant features a bold menu with a mixture of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern dishes. Eat outside on Olio’s peaceful patio garden where the restaurant’s gardener works to ensure there are plants growing all year round. If you happen to visit on a colder day, enjoy dining in one of the eatery’s heated outdoor greenhouses.