Best Dressed

Best Dressed Winner: Tom Carver

Find out more about Best Dressed winner Tom Carver in our extended Q&A.

by Krysten Muench

May 2021

Best Dressed winner Tom Carver
Photo by Brandon AlmsBest Dressed Winner Tom Carver

Tom Carver

Attorney at Law at Carver and Associates, LLC

417 Magazine: What words define your personal style and why?
Tom Carver: Underpromise, overdeliver.

417: Who are your fashion role models? Why did you choose them?
T.C.: Bryant Gumbel and Geoffrey Zakarian. They have great taste and are great at putting together unexpected tones and combinations.

417: What’s your signature piece?
T.C.: Bow tie.

417: What one item is on your wish list for this year and why?
T.C.: A pair of John Lobb black loafers.

417: Where do you find inspiration for your closet?
T.C.: Textures and colors that I observe.

417: What is your favorite fashion trend right now and why?
T.C.: Soft coats that work formally and informally.

417: What person—public figure or private citizen—would make your best dressed list and why?
T.C.: It’s a wasteland. Most public figures either have no taste or believe it is required that they wear a blue suit, white shirt and red tie uniform.

417: If you could wear one brand or designer for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
T.C.: Corneliani.

417: What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever worn?
T.C.: A brown double-breasted suit with orange shirt and brown and yellow art deco bow tie.

417: Where are your favorite places to shop in 417-land? What makes them a go-to for you?
T.C.: Town and County. I am consistently able to find clothing that I like there. Their selection is comparable to better men’s stores all across the country.