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Citizens Memorial Hospital | Mark J. Walterskirchen, M.D.

The Face of Urology

Jan 2022

Mark J. Walterskirchen, M.D.
Photo by Brandi KeltnerMark J. Walterskirchen, M.D.

I’ve been providing surgical urology care for more than 20 years and, in 2021, I moved my urology practice to Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar.

I provide a wide range of urologic care and am one of the few surgical urologists in the region to offer specialized procedures such as InterStim and Botox bladder therapy for female incontinence and voiding issues, Xiaflex injections and penile plication for Peyronie’s disease, prostate cryoablation for prostate cancer, UroLift for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), treatment for erectile dysfunction including injection therapy and penile prosthesis, and complex robotic procedures for kidney, prostate and bladder diseases.

If you have any urology concerns, call us. We look forward to providing exceptional care at our clinic.

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