Local Brides Share Their Tips

Throw the perfect wedding without any of the headache with these tips from 417-land brides.

By Rose Marthis

Jun 2017

“Remember it’s about both of you. Be a team throughout the planning process and include your groom in the decision-making.”
—Hanna Martin

“Reach out to your vendors early! I’ve heard so many stories where people didn’t get the venue or the florist they wanted because they were already booked. The earlier you can book the big things, the better.”
—Ashley Hughes

“One of the highlights of our wedding was our DJ. Spend the extra money and hire someone well-known.”
—Talia Stone

“Do your research, and find what you love about other weddings. Being actively involved with the planning and design will make you appreciate the day even more and how it all comes together.”
—Megan Balasundaram

“We tried to identify what was most important to us on our wedding day. We stuck with wanting everyone to have a blast. So we spent money on the entertainment aspect, food, drinks and a fun, secluded venue. All of the decorations were important to me, but I knew people wouldn’t remember what type of centerpieces we had or what table settings were on the table. They would always remember our wedding if they had a great time.”
—Amy Hutchins