Banded Together

Learn how to select the perfect wedding band that fits your lifestyle and your personal style with advice from three 417-land jewelers.

By Ettie Berneking

Dec 2015

Banded Together

Does the band have to match the engagement ring?

"Not all wedding bands match the engagement ring, but they should still complement each other well. I think it's best to come in to a store and start trying them all on to see which captures your heart the most!"—Randy Mitchum, Mitchum Jewelers

"A lot of people, especially women who work in the medical field, can't wear their engagement rings to work. In these cases, we suggest they get a simple band that might not match their engagement ring but that still reflects their style. This way they can wear the band to work, or on the other hand if they wish. In fact, wearing a band on the opposite hand is becoming really popular." —Jane McElvaine, Maxon Fine Jewelry

What do brides do if they have an estate ring? 

"Look for a band that complements the ring and that has a more vintage style."—Amelia Justice, Justice Jewelers

"A lot of estate-style rings have unique curves and textures that are difficult for a traditional style wedding band to fit next to evenly. One option is to design a matching or contouring wedding band to fit up next to the engagement ring."—R.M.

How often should you clean the ring?  

"Professionally cleaning and inspecting the rings at reputable jewelry stores is the best recommendation to keep your rings sparkly! You can also purchase a bottle of jewelry cleaner for at-home care, or even warm soap, water and a toothbrush can make a big difference."—R.M.

"You should get your diamonds checked every six months, and if you have stacked bands, we recommend having them soldered together. If you leave them separate, they rub, which shortens the life of the rings."—J.M.

"It's important to check the center stone of your rings. The gold wears down over time, and every time you snag it on a sweater or knock it on your desk, it's wearing down and loosening the tension that holds in the diamond. The best way to check if a stone is loose is to hold the ring next to your ear and tap the stone. If you can hear it rattle, immediately take it to a jeweler."—A.J. 

What questions should I ask the jewelers when selecting a ring?

"Jewelry stores often have guarantees that protect the ring or the diamond, but the store might require you to have the ring cleaned and tightened every few months in order to stay in their policy. So it's important to ask about coverage and if they charge for it."—A.J.

"If you get an estate ring, always get it appraised, especially if you inherit a piece of jewelry."—J.M.

"It's important to know the value of your piece and to know what the insurance will cover. Not all policies will cover the entire ring. We recommend Jewelers Mutual. They cover the entire piece."—A.J.

What are the new styles brides in 417-land are looking for? 

"The stackable diamond wedding bands to wear next to your engagement ring is a very popular new look."—R.M.

"Brides are choosing other stones, like sapphires. They rank high on the hardness scale and can come in any color."–J.M.

"Mixing metals, like yellow gold and platinum, is huge now."–A.J.