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Photo by Brad Zweerink, courtesy Justice JewelersMyranda Rotert, Ashley Connor, Chelsea Rook, Misty Sanders, Amelia Justice, Sheena Holweger, Barbara Ryan, Jennifer Wintjen, Terrie Smith, and the real #bosslady Pippin, the Justice Jewelers store dog
Photo by Brad Zweerink, courtesy Justice Jewelers


3520 E. Battlefield Rd.
Springfield, MO
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About Justice Jewelers

Amelia and Margie Justice continue the Justice family legacy as local business owners of Justice Jewelers. They are proud to have been part of 417-land’s special moments since 1981, stay open seven days a week, and are the largest jewelry superstore in the state of Missouri. 

Even though the majority of jewelry is crafted for women, the diamond and jewelry industry has traditionally been led by men. Amelia and Margie are changing that right here in Springfield, Missouri. Now, they are proud to say that almost every department in their store is led by a woman. 

And they are hyper-focused on the needs of their customers, whether that customer is treating herself to a beautiful piece she’s picked out or customized, or whether she’s wearing up to $25,000 of sparkling jewelry on her wedding day for FREE through Justice’s Something Borrowed program. They understand the busy lives that women lead and have implemented the country’s first jewelry store drive-through window. Now any customer, especially moms, don’t have to unload out of their car to drop off or pick up from Justice. 

Justice Jewelers’ purpose remains true to their father and founder’s mission from 1981: “We exist to help our customers celebrate those special moments in their lives; that’s what it means when we say we want to be your jeweler.”