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Best Dining Area Winner

Open concept spaces can be tricky to section and define. Nathan Taylor of Obelisk Home managed to create a colorful and elegant, yet approachable, dining area for this family that ties together with the kitchen and living room.

By Briley Rakow

Jun 2020

417 Home Design Awards 2020 Winner of Best Dining Area by Obelisk Home Springfield MO
Photo by Jeremy Mason McGraw, Global Image Creations and Colby KernNathan Taylor created a dining space that pops with color and detail without over-doing the design. Functional furniture serves as the perfect contrast to eye-catching patterns.

WINNING DESIGNER: Nathan Taylor, Obelisk Home

PROJECT GOAL: While accommodating the needs of a growing family, the homeowners wanted to create a colorful and welcoming area that catches the eye when people walk into the home. The room was intended to be stylish but still informal to maintain the family-oriented feel of the space. 

A dining room that created a “wow” moment for everyone who walked through the door was top priority for this family. Another requirement was to keep the space warm and inviting to keep family and friends feeling welcome. Up to the challenge, Nathan Taylor of Obelisk Home and his team worked to create a colorful, yet homey atmosphere. 

“The client loved seeing the dining room when walking through the front door but didn’t want to look at the backs of chairs,” Taylor says. To accomplish this request, they designed the dining room to run lengthwise from the entryway and put a bench on one side to limit the amount of chair backs in view at any given angle in the room.

Photos by Jeremy Mason McGraw, Global Image Creations and Colby KernOpposite view of the room, looking toward the front door. The client's didn't want to look at the back of chairs when entering, prompting Taylor to position the dining room lengthwise.
Photos by Jeremy Mason McGraw, Global Image Creations and Colby KernLittle details help polish the overall feel of the design.

Color was an important factor to the homeowners when designing the space, but due to the location of the dining table, there weren’t walls around to use as color accents. Luckily, Taylor found a colorful rug that fit the room so perfectly that the homeowner agreed to it over a simple text message picture. 

Keeping the dining area connected to the living room and kitchen was also important to the homeowners, as well as making it big enough for their growing family. Taylor found a table large enough to seat ten people at a time and positioned it with enough space to walk around comfortably. The table is a live edge table that was refined so it’s informal, but not rustic. “They wanted a table their grandchildren could live on, but still be beautiful,” Taylor explains. The cane backed chairs also help to make the space cozy and welcoming for everyone who enters. Taylor opted for two crystal chandeliers rather than one to continue with the goal of an informal dining area while still having refined decor. The more elegant light fixtures offered the perfect juxtaposition to the casual dining table. 

The layout of the home was an open concept, so Taylor and his team needed to create definition. Taylor added a coffered ceiling to outline the space and French doors to make the dining area look more like its own room. To complete the room, Taylor used hickory floors with a matte finish to add weight to the space.


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214 W. Phelps St., Suite 101, Springfield


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