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Best Outdoor Space

What was once a closed off space at the back of this home is now a bright, open and airy space. Nathan Taylor of Obelisk Home worked to bring the outside in, and the inside out.

By Briley Rakow

Sep 2020

417 Home Design Awards 2020 Winner of Best Outdoor Space by Obelisk Home Springfield MO
Photo by Jeremy Mason McGraw, Global Image Creations and Colby KernBold dark grays and subtle shifts to more smoky tones contrast with the natural colors that surround the space, drawing the lush green indoors.

WINNING DESIGNER: Nathan Taylor, Obelisk Home

PROJECT GOAL: The owners wanted to create an extension of the home that opened up into the outdoors but still felt like it was aesthetically a part of the same property. The space also had to be big enough to accommodate spaces for cooking and eating and a living room space.

When the time came to open up the interior of this home into a patio space, Nathan Taylor of Obelisk Home worked with the architect of the property to maintain the same atmosphere and aesthetic of the rest of the property and create a comfortable and inviting space for cooking, eating and relaxing.

“We made the room big enough to put a big sectional in,” Taylor says. “We kind of started backwards with, ‘If we need a sofa or a sectional that will seat six or eight people, how many feet do we need?’ So, we bumped the house out and bumped the patio out to accommodate that. We also needed the staircase to come off the side, so we had to work to get these main requirements into this space.”

Taylor included porcelain tiles on the floor to complement the kitchen countertops, and used the same wood for the ceiling that had been used in the entryway of the home itself to create a consistent visual style. “We put walnut floors in the main home,” Taylor says. “So we wanted the wood on the ceiling to counter-balance that.” Glass railings were also added to accentuate the bright, airy feel of the outdoors.

Photos by Jeremy Mason McGraw, Global Image Creations and Colby KernLarge open views of the surrounding landscape add a relaxing, cozy quality.
Photos by Jeremy Mason McGraw, Global Image Creations and Colby KernThe soft gray shades blend with warm wood tones to balance modernity with a feeling of home.

The outdoor grilling area presented a challenge, according to Taylor, when it came to making the most of the available space. “Originally it was in the back of the home,” says Taylor. “We just felt like it was blocking too much of the view, so we had to create the L-shape. Then the husband decided he wanted to have ventilation.” To accommodate this part of the design, Taylor and the team were able to rearrange the placement of certain elements as they went, meaning they could make sure the owners got the most out of the patio.

Along with a challenge, the project also presented an opportunity to try something new. “Being able to get the roll-down screens as wide as we were able to get them was something new.” Taylor says. “I didn’t realize we could get them that wide until we started figuring it out.” 

The unique color scheme of subtle grays mixed with starkly contrasting deep wood shades came from the property owners conflicting desires for the space. “The husband wanted grays and the wife wanted warm [colors],” Taylor says. “We had to find a balance between a cold, contemporary house and a warm, cozy house.” Combining these elements and adding a sheen of reflectivity in glass fixtures and appliances, Taylor crafted a light space with a modern look without removing the feel of a comfortable living space.


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