Add Warmth to Your Home with a Crystal Chandelier

The warm light and elegance a crystal chandelier can bring to your home is well worth the investment.

By Heather Kane Kohler

Nov 2020

Isolated chandelier product photo.
Photo by Brandon AlmsAdd some warmth to your home with a crystal chandelier. Purchase Photo

There’s no doubt that crystal chandeliers are beautiful, but we tend to forget that all those sparkly crystals are actually serving a purpose. Originally, chandeliers and sconces held candles as their main light source, and the crystals worked to reflect that light and distribute soft light into a space. This still works today even with our brighter modern bulbs, making crystal chandeliers great additions to spaces that lack natural light sources. Small crystal chandeliers can also be big space savers for dark corners of the home where you want to add warmth, but don’t have room for a table or floor lamp. This vintage crystal chandelier was completely refurbished by Jeannie and Mark Breshears for their storefront shop, House Counsel, and is the perfect piece to warm up a small space.

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