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Disco Balls Make a Comeback to Home Decor

Disco balls have become the next big home trend and here’s how to get the look.

By Heather Kane

Sep 2023

Disco ball as part of home decor
Photo courtesy Shutterstock

The first era that comes to mind when you think of a disco ball is probably the 1970s. A decade full of disco dancing, bell bottoms and the beloved Bee Gees. However, the disco ball has quite a vibrant past and by the looks of it, a pretty bright future too. The disco ball was first seen in nightclubs during the early 1900s, but gained its peak in popularity in the 1970s. Today the disco ball has taken on a new and interesting persona as trendy home decor. Thanks to its hundreds of tiny mirrors, the disco ball reflects light in several directions, creating a dance of sparkle and light in any space. Many style lovers followed suit after world famous interior designer Kelly Wearstler began incorporating melted disco ball sculptures into her high-end clients’ homes, making the staying power of the disco ball crystal clear. Using light in unique ways during the day and bringing out your disco ball for a fun birthday and dinner party not only gives your decor a fun and playful element, it’s quite the conversation starter! Simply prop your disco beauty on a chair, the floor, a mantel or table and wait for the golden hour to strike. Disco balls come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs and can be found locally at Springfield’s funkiest retro shop, Haakar’s Bazaar (217 W. Commercial St., Springfield, 417-771-8420).