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How to Make the Most of Your Closet Space

The Concepts by Design team is composed of experts in cabinetry and closet design.

By Jordan Blomquist

Feb 2023

“Your closet is where every day begins and ends,” says Shelley Wehner, co-owner of Concepts by Design in Springfield. 


Cabinet Concepts by Design

Closet redesigns can be both luxurious and budget-friendly. “We can design a closet in nearly any budget and any design from solely functional to functional and elegant,” Shelley says. “We have four tiers of pricing including functional, tailored, boutique and luxe.”

In 2007, Matt and Shelley Wehner purchased a small mom-and-pop cabinet shop in Springfield with aspirations of becoming entrepreneurs. Shortly after starting the business, the market crashed. The two stayed committed to the venture and turned adversity into opportunity by attending trade shows, touring other cabinet shops, getting involved in industry associations and researching trends to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. 

Since starting their business, Concepts by Design has been recognized as one of Biz 417’s Top 10 Best Places to Work. They were recipients of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Award in 2022 and are currently in the running for Springfield Business Journal’s Coolest Things Made in the Ozarks Award which will be announced in late February. “To be amongst many other great businesses in 417-land and recognized for these awards is very humbling and also validates we are doing the right things,” Shelley says. 

Storage solutions are the Concepts by Design team’s specialty—focusing on intentional storage and making the most out of a space. The goal is always to have a functional, peaceful and organized space to start and end each day. 

Concepts by Design wardrobe.
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignShelley Wehner is seeing an increasing trend of turning reach-in closets into beautiful wardrobes.
Before and after Concepts by Design.
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignBefore the installation of this wardrobe, the client had a reach-in closet they utilized for shoe storage. The upgrade maximizes the space and has a more sleek look.

Closet Storage Solutions

Optimizing your closet space may feel challenging, whether it appears too big or limited. However, small adjustments can effectively make the most of the available space. In an effort to help find solutions to common storage problems, below is a guide with advice from Shelley on how to address your closet challenges. 

Problem: Your shoes are scattered across the floor.
Solution: For smaller closets, the team can incorporate a shoe revolver, doubling the shoe storage capacity compared to adjustable shelves. Alternatively, angled shoe shelves may suit those with larger closets better. 

Problem: If you show up to work with one navy and one black sock, your closet may be too dark.
Solution: The team is seeing more integrated lighting as a rising trend in shoe storage—shelving can look modern and minimalistic or sleek and luxurious. As opposed to solely overhead lighting, the team can install individual lights to highlight shoes or other closet features. 

Problem: Where should you put your dirty clothes?
Solution: Many people have hampers in their closets that aren’t always aesthetically pleasing.  One solution is to have a spot for a built-in hamper or two so you can sort your clothes while you take them off. The team likes the tilt-out hamper—accessible yet discreet. Another option is a pull-out hamper, which functions similarly to a pull-out trash can. “These are important to incorporate in your closet as you’re thinking through your design,” Shelley says.

Tie rack by Concepts by Design.
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignPull-out racks take up very little space in a closet and effectively organize ties, scarves and belts.

Problem: You have no place to efficiently store your belts, scarves and ties. 
Solution: Conveniently install tie, scarf and belt pull-out racks in your closet, utilizing only around three inches of space on the side of a closet panel.

Problem: You have a small closet with no space to hang a full-length mirror or store an ironing board. 
Solution: Concepts by Design can make room for a pull-out sliding mirror and a pull-out ironing board that can be concealed behind a drawer face. These both provide effortless access. 

Problem: Your jewelry is tangled and disorganized. 
Solution: The team can create customized drawers that fit their client’s needs. The drawers can be lined with different fabrics and have customized storage for rings, earrings, necklaces, watches and more. “There are all kinds of cool options to store jewelry from velvet jewelry drawer pull-outs to beautiful wall-hung jewelry displays,” Shelley says.

Small closet after Concepts by Design came in.
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignThe Concepts by Design team maximized the space of this small closet.
Small closet before Concepts by Design came in.
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignBefore the renovation, the closet was cluttered.
New additions added by Concepts by Design.
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignThe team installed many additions to the closet and took advantage of the space given. They installed a pull-out ironing board, pull-out hampers and a full-length mirror that tucks away.
Pull out ironing board from Concepts by Design.
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignHere, you can observe how the ironing board extends for easy utilization.

Problem: For this wood-grained closet pictured above, the homeowner needed a more organized, visually pleasing space to begin and end the day in their walk-in closet. 
Solution: The Concepts by Design team was able to maximize the space and incorporate a mirror that tucks away and pulls out when needed, as well as pull-out hampers and a pull-out ironing board in the same small closet. The space is now more functional, relaxing and zen.  

Renovated closet by Concepts by Design.
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignThis white his and hers closet has a sleek, luxurious feel.
Before the renovation by Concepts by Design.
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignBefore the renovation, the closet was separated by a diving wall.
Complete renovation by Concepts by Design.
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignThere is now a spot for everything in this closet and better serves the client’s needs.
Jewelry storage by Concepts by Design.
Photo courtesy of Concepts by DesignThe client opted for the jewelry storage solution in their closet. The team incorporated velvet-lined drawers into the island specifically for storing the client's jewelry.

Problem: This closet originally had a dividing wall, creating distinct areas for him and her. The client wanted something more cohesive and a better way to store their items. Even though this closet was large to begin with, it did not serve the client’s needs well
Solution: While the team appreciates defining spaces, the initial closet design made the expansive area seem cramped and cluttered. They designed the space without the center wall and used the ceiling height to help accommodate their storage needs. By taking out the center wall, they were able to give them an island with storage and a modern chandelier hanging above the island. “If a space is designed correctly, it will be organized and every item will have a place,” Shelley says. 

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