Where to Get Your Eco-friendly Architectural Structures

Making your architectural structures “go green” might not have ever occurred to you, but now there’s a way to make sure your commercial and residential properties are eco-friendly.

By Madison Bryan

Jun 2019

Go green with eco-friendly architectural structures in Springfield, MO
Photo by Brandon AlmsGo green with sculptural wall tiles made from recycled materials to decorate in an eco-friendly way. Purchase Photo

Artisan Elements creates ArtisanStone sculptural wall tiles from recycled materials to forge an eco-friendly and stylish future. The business has forged a partnership with Abilities First, an organization focused on providing opportunities to people with developmental disabilities. Through this partnership, Artisan Elements has made available an apprenticeship program for those with developmental disabilities to develop ArtisanStone products. The employees at Artisan Elements create ArtisanStone by using shredded, recycled paper; water; concrete; commercial additives; and sometimes recycled glass.