Find Tablescape Inspiration from Wildly Collective

Stevie Rozean, owner and creative coordinator of Wildly Collective, shares some inspirational tablescape design ideas.

By Haley Phillips

Sep 2019

Stevie Rozean with table display.
Photo courtesy Wildly CollectiveStevie Rozean creates beautifully elaborate tablescapes for her clients that can serve as wonderful inspiration for your own events.

Stevie Rozean is the owner and creative coordinator behind Wildly Collective—a full-service design, styling and planning company based in the Midwest. Rozean shares designs on her Instagram @wildlycollective_. Here are three reasons you should follow her.

1. Follow for the Tablescapes

Influenced by her clients and their stories, Rozean makes it a priority to get to know each couple personally to create a design that’s unique to them, like the tablescape she created for a bride’s pie obsession. The natural colors in the pies dictated the rest of the event’s color palette.

2. Follow for Seasonal Inspo

When creating her elaborate tablescapes, she considers first the environment of the event, from the setting to the season. “By adding seasonal elements, the tablescape feels cohesive and unified with what's going on around it.” Rozean suggests finding seasonal items at local farmers markets.

3. Follow for the Rule Breaking

In the wise words of Rozean, break the rules. Although it’s easy to find dozens of diagrams on how to correctly set a table, thinking outside the box is when you’ll find that sweet spot for creating something truly special that’s unique to your personal style.

Wedding decor focused on the natural colors of pies
Photos courtesy Wildly CollectiveWhen a bride mentioned her love of pie, Stevie saw an opportunity to let the natural colors of pies dictate the rest of the event's color pallet.
Wedding display by Wildly Collective.
Photos courtesy Wildly CollectiveDon't be afraid to think outside of the box when setting a table.
Table display by Wildly Collective at wedding.
Photos courtesy Wildly CollectiveStevie suggests considering the space in which the event will take place and choosing seasonal elements to complement.
Candles and table decoration in a Wildly Collective wedding design.
Photos courtesy Wildly CollectiveBe true to yourself and your style when creating a tablescape for a true-to-you setting.

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