Outdoor Spaces

Peek Inside Four Inviting Backyard Sanctuaries

Through thoughtful planning and design, the outdoor spaces that surround our homes can feel like extensions of our living spaces. From lush gardens to poolside oases, these four homes provide endless inspiration for creating a dream backyard.

By Tessa Cooper

Mar 2021

Rober and Peg Carolla backyard garden Springfield MO
Photo by Brandon AlmsWhile Robert and Peg Carolla list England as one of their top sources for outdoor design inspiration, they also love filling their yard with mementos from their domestic travels. They came across this bronze foal statue in Santa Fe, New Mexico. “As a horse enthusiast and lifelong horse lover, it just drew my attention immediately,” Peg says. Purchase Photo

It’s the personal touches that make a backyard an extension of the home, and they take on many forms. These unique dream features could be a vast garden, a conservatory shipped straight from Europe, a modern pool oasis or perhaps a cozy covered patio with a fireplace. In this feature, you’ll find all of the above, plus many other ideas to make your outdoor space your own.