Be Bold: Our guide to graphic prints, vibrant hues and geometric decor🌈✨

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Apr 14 2017 at 4:03 a.m.

This spring and summer, it's all about brightening up your spaces with graphic prints, vibrant hues and geometric decor. Get a little funky with any of the tips below. We dare ya!

  • Home decor trends tend to follow runway trends. Macramé, tapestries, house plants, bold prints and geometric designs from the ‘70s are in right now. Use pillows, throws and planters to incorporate small, trendy touches.—Lacy Mayfield, Harrison House Market
  • Boldly colored furniture can greatly effect the look of your space. Don't be afraid of rich, vibrant, or patterned pieces. They can act as a beautiful canvas for other colors or patterns just as easily as a neutral piece of furniture.Heather Smith & Maggie Strafford, Decorating Den Interiors
  • Be bold with your rugs and accessories for a fun look that you can change easily for a different feeling in the room.—Jacque Pitts, Brashears Furniture
  • Tile trends for 2017 include geometric shapes like rectangles, chevrons, hexagons and bricks. Textile textures continue to grow along with metallics, rustic edges, grays and big blocks of color.—Melissa Turpin, Unique Tile
  • It can be a challenge to sell a home if you go too hog wild with bold colors. Many buyers can’t see past the paint when there’s a bright yellow kitchen, a vibrant turquoise dining room and a brilliant orange living room.—Janet Bezzerides, Boeker Group Real Estate