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Candy Lee, Human Conditions

Human Conditions combines jazz and folk for a truly unique sound.

By Brett Johnston

Jan 23 2017 at 2:23 p.m.


The 13-track album from songwriter Candy Lee was actually released back in 2014; and came as a happy surprise discovery during a recent brunch. Lee is one-half of harmonious Fayetteville duo Melody Pond which frequents house concerts and other alternate Springfield venues. The album is full of brilliant lyrics set to playful melodies. Thoughtful arrangements present a unique sound where jazz and folk combine at danceable tempos. At the front of it is Lee’s captivating vocal presence. Her runs climb and descend scales at a dizzying pace. Human Conditions requires an extra dedicated listen or two before you feel like you’re let in on the song meanings, but you won’t mind hearing them over and over again.