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Apr 01 2020 at 9 a.m.

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greater springfield endodontics
Dr. Mark A. Massey, DDS, MSD
greater springfield endodontics
Back row: Casina, Scheduling Coordinator; Sandy, Scheduling Coordinator; Sherry, Scheduling Coordinator; Dr. Mark A. Massey, DDS, MSD; Kristi, Dental Technician; Kim, Dental Technician; Front row: Jordan, Scheduling Coordinator; Casey, Dental Technician; Ashley, Dental Technician; Jenn, Dental Technician

Greater Springfield Endodontics

417-883-7668 | 2808 S. Ingram Mill Road, Building C-108, Springfield

Education: Advanced Education in General Dentistry | United States Air Force | Doctorate of Dental Surgery | University of Missouri Kansas City | Master of Science in Dentistry| Indiana University School of Dentistry

Dr. Mark A. Massey of Greater Springfield Endodontics specializes in root canal therapy. Endodontic root canal treatment is a highly successful method of saving a tooth that would otherwise need extraction. A tooth with a well-done root canal treatment can last a lifetime, and the procedure can usually be completed in one or two appointments with modern anesthetic techniques that keep patients pain-free during the procedure. In all aspects of treatment, Dr. Massey only utilizes the most modern equipment and techniques to reach the best possible treatment results.

Established in June of 2004, Greater Springfield Endodontics is celebrating 16 years of serving the community. A graduate of the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Dentistry, Dr. Massey is a recipient of advanced education in general dentistry through the United States Air Force and the Indiana School of Dentistry Endodontic Residency. Dr. Massey’s mission is to provide the most excellent dental care and provide patients with the best experience they’ve ever had in a dental clinic. 
Give Greater Springfield Endodontics the opportunity to exceed your expectations. They put a lot of effort into ensuring the experience in their office is positive. Check out their Google or Facebook reviews and you will see their hard work has not     gone unnoticed.

Dr. Massey and his team’s primary focus is to help people, and their secondary focus is to fix each patient’s teeth. Not only do they discuss concerns and expectations for each patient’s case, but they take the time to answer any questions as well. Greater Springfield Endodontics’ staff uses microscopes and digital 3D imaging to ensure that all canals are located and cleaned properly.

Giving back is a big part of their identity. They donate services daily, partnering with the Children’s Smile Center, and some days donate their entire day helping those in need at the Good Samaritan Care Clinic in Mountain View, Missouri. 
They are a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) for most dental insurance companies. In addition, multiple financing options are available. Dr. Massey is a member of the American Association of Endodontists, American Dental Association, Missouri Dental Association and Greater Springfield Dental Society.

Innovative Dental
Dr. Megan Westrich, Dr. Grant Olson, Dr. Taylor Jordan

Innovative Dental

417-889-4746 | 3424 S. Culpepper Court, Springfield

Certifications & Specialties: Dr. Grant Olson: CEREC® Mentor, VIP Platinum Plus Invisalign Provider

Education: Dr. Grant Olson: Missouri State University, University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Dentistry | Dr. Taylor Jordan: University of Arkansas–Fort Smith, University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Dentistry| Dr. Megan Westrich: Missouri State University, University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Dentistry

When you walk into Innovative Dental, you will always find compassionate care, cutting-edge dental techniques and complimentary services. It is Innovative Dental’s passion to give people brighter and healthier smiles through the use of innovative techniques, and  the doctors do this by creating a comfortable, convenient and affordable dental environment through top-notch technology and training.

Advances in technology and techniques allow for specialized services including same-day cosmetics (crowns, bridges and veneers), guided implants and implant dentures, along with general dentistry and traditional orthodontics. As the only top 1 percent provider in the area for Accelerated Invisalign, they are able to complete treatments up to 70 percent faster. Innovative Dental takes pride in its innovative and efficient techniques that offer patient convenience and ease.

The Innovative Dental team will leave you feeling confident, safe and comfortable in your dental work. Dr. Olson, Dr. Westrich and Dr. Jordan make it a point to get to know their patients on a personal level and maintain open communication, honesty and education to work toward a brighter and healthier smile. They love what they do, and are continually working to increase their knowledge of the best practices and technology available for their patients’ care. Innovative Dental strives to be the best in their field to give their patients the confidence they deserve.

Along with cutting-edge dental and orthodontic treatments, the office’s preventative measures ensure the continued good health of teeth and gums. Customized preventative concepts for both children and adults also help take special care of existing dental and orthodontic work.

Dr. Olson and Dr. Westrich attended undergraduate school at Missouri State University, and Dr. Jordan attended undergraduate school at University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. All three attended graduate school at the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Dentistry. They are members of the American Dental Association and Missouri Dental Association.
Innovative Dental accepts many different dental insurance plans and can work with you to determine if they are providers under your plan. Contact Innovative Dental today to see how they can give you a brighter and healthier smile through innovation!

Cash Family Orthodontics
Dr. Tara Cash and Dr. Jerry Cash

Cash Family Orthodontics

417-881-7512 | 2844 S. Ingram Mill Road, Springfield

Education: Dr. Tara Cash: University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Dentistry | Dr. Jerry Cash: University of Missouri
Kansas City School of Orthodontics

Certifications & Specialties: Dr. Tara Cash: Cleft lip & palate treatment with the NAM appliance, Laser treatment for lip & tongue ties

Cash Family Orthodontics has one sole focus: aligning your teeth for a healthy and confident smile! Dr. Jerry Cash and Dr. Tara Cash are one of the only father-daughter specialty practices, and all they do is braces. Of course today, braces come in many forms: traditional braces, clear brackets, Invisalign, aligners and more. With all of the options that Cash Family Orthodontics provides and the advanced technology that is available, there’s no reason anyone should go through life embarrassed to smile. Drs. Jerry and Tara develop individualized treatment plans for patients of every age—from children to adults in their 70s. After all, it’s never too late to improve your confidence! Cash Family Orthodontics is committed to providing an exceptional patient experience from beginning to end, and that commitment is supported through a highly qualified, friendly and compassionate team of employees. Working together to make beautiful, life-changing smiles is a dream come true for Dr. Tara and Dr. Jerry, and they’re proud to work alongside of each other to help their patients.

Duff Family Dental
Back row: Katrina Mcnutt, Jordan Banasik, Tiffany Wiley, Sharice Dennis, Dominique Reed, Haylei Fields, Jim Duff | Front row: Taylor Horacek, Jeanie Simpson, Dr. Carla Duff, Dr. Whitney Bair, Kelsey Wierman, Montana Termin, Not Pictured: Jennifer Blowers

Duff Family Dental

417-501-8601 | 1251 E. Sunshine St. Suite 108, Springfield

Certifications & Specialties: General Practice | Advanced Surgical Procedures Sleep Apnea Studies | Dental Implants | Pediatric Dentistry Root Canal Therapy Preventative Care | Periodontal Therapy Same Day Crowns & Cosmetic Dentistry | Invisalign Certified

Education: Dr. Carla Duff: University of Louisville, University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Dentistry | Dr. Whitney Bair: Drury University, University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Dentistry

Dr. Carla Duff, Dr. Whitney Bair and Duff Family Dental combine high tech with high touch, creating excellent procedural results while addressing your own personal concerns and needs. With the educated and caring providers at Duff Family Dental and new modern technology and techniques, dentistry doesn’t have to feel scary or uncomfortable! This is especially important, because oral health is proven to contribute to overall wellness, and Dr. Duff and Dr. Bair want everyone to feel confident in their decision to visit their chairs. In fact, their patients describe their chairside manners as caring, reassuring, patient-centered, engaging, friendly and efficient!

Dr. Duff and Dr. Bair received their dental degrees from the University of Missouri Kansas City. Dr. Duff furthered her education with residency training in Advanced Education General Dentistry at the University of Louisville. Dr. Duff and Dr. Bair are each board members of The Greater Springfield Dental Society and members of the American Dental Association and Missouri Dental Association. The doctors of Duff Family Dental are proud to have curated an excellent dental team that shares the same vision and mission to serve patients with dignity, ethics and respect.

Dr. Jesse Gardner and family of Gardner Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Jesse Gardner and family

Gardner Pediatric Dentistry

417-719-7862 | 1250 E. Walnut Lawn St., Springfield

Certifications & Specialties: Specialized in Pediatric Dentistry, Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

Education: Bachelor of Science at Brigham Young University | Doctorate of Dental Medicine at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine | Pediatric Residency at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City

Dr. Jesse Gardner believes that making dental appointments fun encourages children to learn good dental habits that last a lifetime. As a parent of four small children, he understands that children can be nervous when it comes to trying new things. He and his caring staff seek to help everyone who enters the office feel comfortable and relaxed. It is filled with iPads, toys, ceiling mounted TVs and prizes. During treatment, parents are welcome to come back and participate in the appointment. Sedation options are also available to make appointments even easier for young or apprehensive children. By focusing on praise and encouragement, Gardner Pediatric Dentistry helps children build confidence and enjoy their visits.

Dr. Gardner offers the highest quality care in a safe environment. As a pediatric specialist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, he has studied the latest advances and research in children’s dental care. He understands that the dental needs of children through their growth and development years differ from general care needed for adults. Dr. Gardner believes first and foremost in helping to prevent cavities and other dental diseases by providing comprehensive dental care from infancy through adolescence.

Gardner Pediatric Dentistry welcomes children of all ages—no referral is necessary!

Dr. Lance Robbins of iTooth Family Dentistry
Dr. Lance Robbins

iTooth Family Dentistry

417-883-8515 | 3211 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield

Education: Doctor of Dental Surgery at University of Missouri Kansas City

They say that the eyes are windows to the soul. Did you know that the mouth can be a window to your overall health?

When you think of taking care of your teeth and gums, you are probably focused on preventing bad breath, pain or even losing your teeth. But most people don’t know that oral health goes much further than that. Gum disease is linked to a host of problems, including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Inflammation and infections in the mouth can allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream, which leads to problems in the heart and other parts of the body. Medical histories show that people with gum disease are twice as likely to die from a heart attack and three times as likely to have a stroke.

iTooth Family Dentistry encourages regular visits with Dr. Lance Robbins and his amazing team. Regular visits not only reduce cavities, they can also put a smile on your face and help you stay on your journey to a healthy, beautiful smile! iTooth provides an enjoyable, comfortable environment, along with health education to improve the overall health of the 417 community through value, convenience and a personal touch.

Jody B. Vance DDS, MS
Ellen Waterway, Karen Vaughn, Kaitlyn Pirkle, Jennifer Dollar, Shiloh Lenox, Dr. Jody Vance, Heather Eastburn, Amy Cron, Summer Malone, Holli Brown, Larry Bast, Sydney Raymond

Jody B. Vance DDS, MS

417-889-5297 | 1315 E. Montclair St., Springfield

Certifications & Specialties: Periodontics

Education: The University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry, Cameron University

Dr. Vance and staff strive to promote healthy smiles in a comfortable, friendly environment. He specializes in periodontics, including surgical and non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease, placement of dental implants, oral medicine and cosmetic smile enhancement. Whether you need a smile makeover or a cleaning, Dr. Vance and his team will provide exceptional service. They are committed to preserving and protecting patients’ oral health.

For all patients, Dr. Vance develops a personalized treatment plan, carefully reviews options and takes time to educate on the latest techniques and practices to ensure they are making the most informed decision. Laser-assisted surgical procedures and wand anesthesia with onset for comfortable numbing are some of the latest dental innovations that Dr. Vance and his staff utilize. Patients enjoy fast healing time, are comfortable throughout the procedure and have a chance to enjoy long-term benefits.

Aside from his dental practice, Dr. Vance is a past president of the Missouri Dental Association. He is a member of the Greater Springfield Dental Society, ADA and AAP. Dr. Vance and his staff are also involved in community service in our area.

It is a must to keep your dental health in check. And remember, smiles are contagious.

248 Dental
Dr. Christian R. Willard, DDS, PC

248 Dental

417-336-2404 | 523 State Highway 248 Suite A, Branson

What’s the key to an awesome smile? Preventative care! 248 Dental helps you keep your teeth for a lifetime with thorough treatment and the personal and friendly chairside manner that you deserve. Looking for someone with experience you can trust? Dr. Christian R. Willard, DDS, PC has practiced for 29 years, specializing in cosmetic dentistry and implants. He is the recipient of a wall full of awards, including being the recipient of Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, graduate of the Dawson Academy of Restorative Dentistry and the Phillip M Jones Award for Prosthodontics. What do 248 Dental’s patients say about their experience? That they were treated like family in a relaxed atmosphere and given options for their dental care that work!

Lisa Castleman, DDS
Lisa Castleman, DDS

Advanced Endodontics of Greater Springfield

417-877-9333 | 1338 E. Kingsley St., Suite A, Springfield

Let Dr. Castleman and Advanced Endodontics of Greater Springfield make your root canal experience as enjoyable as possible. Not only is saving your natural tooth economical, but it usually is the best long-term solution for your dental health. At Advanced Endodontics of Greater Springfield, most root canals are completed in one easy visit, and teeth with root canal therapy can last a lifetime. Patients are comfortably entertained with their own movie glasses and pampered with warm blankets. Using her advanced training and dental expertise, Dr. Castleman thoroughly explains treatment options and expected outcomes to provide optimal patient care. Call Advanced Endodontics of Greater Springfield today, and let them exceed your expectations.

John Yoon, DDS; Steve Dove, DDS; Kelly Dove, DDS; Wesley Schemmer, DDS
John Yoon, DDS; Steve Dove, DDS; Kelly Dove, DDS; Wesley Schemmer, DDS

Dove Dental and Nixa Smiles

Dove Dental | 417-866-7647 | 2910 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield
Nixa Smiles | 417-708-9098 | 725 W. Mount Vernon St., Nixa

Nixa Smiles and Dove Dental believe in people. That is why they invest in their team—so that their employees, in turn, can better invest in patients. Both practices take pride in a positive work culture and are thankful to all of the wonderful patients who spend time at their offices. One can often find patients calling the office “so friendly” and “like family;” this is by design and intentional. Nixa Smiles and Dove Dental make it a priority to create extra special moments for patients and hope that their offices are like a breath of fresh air. To all of their patients, they’d like to offer a heartfelt thank you. Want to find out more? Visit them online; or better yet, just bring your smiling face on by and pop your head in to say hello! They’d love to see you.

Dr. Richard J. Reed, DDS
Dr. Richard J. Reed, DDS

Dr. Richard J. Reed, DDS

417-623-2440 | 1009 E. 20th St., Joplin

Dr. Richard Reed feels privileged to be providing quality dental care for the Joplin community. For the past 40 years, he has improved the smiles and overall oral health of thousands of patients. Every patient has unique needs, which make each day very interesting for him. He has a dedicated, caring and well trained team that keeps his practice running efficiently.  Dr. Reed’s loyal staff always make each patient feel both comfortable and welcome.  Dr. Reed treats patients of all ages, but being able to help a child in need or an older, anxious adult is most gratifying for him.

Derek Kaelin, DDS; Hillary Smith, DMD
Derek Kaelin, DDS; Hillary Smith, DMD

Northside Dental Clinic

Northside Dental Clinic | 417-862-2468 | 2105 W. Kearney St., Suite A, Springfield
James River Dental | 417-882-1711 | 4205 S. Nature Center Way, Springfield

At Northside Dental Clinic and James River Dental, Drs. Derek Kaelin and Hillary Smith are patient-focused, compassionate and innovative when providing dental treatment and helping achieve healthy smiles for patients of all ages. Drs. Kaelin and Smith have trained extensively to provide a wide range of treatment options. Both clinics provide same-day crowns with Cerec, cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, dentures and full-mouth surgeries. Dr. Kaelin has completed over 300 hours of implant training through the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and has been surgically placing and restoring implants for over 17 years. He is also a member of the AAFE. Dr. Smith serves on the board for the Greater Springfield Dental Society as the Give Kids A Smile chairperson. Both Dr. Kaelin and Dr. Smith are members of the ADA, MDA and GSDS.

Amy Schulte, DDS, MSD
Amy Schulte, DDS, MSD

Westrock Orthodontics | Amy Schulte, DDS, MSD

417-881-7490 | Springfield & Lebanon

Amy Schulte, DDS, MSD, leads the team at Westrock Orthodontics in Springfield and Lebanon. She is a Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist who provides treatment for children, teens and adults. Dr. Schulte hears some parents say, “I want my child to have a beautiful smile early in life because I wasn’t able to have orthodontics when I was a kid.” It’s never too late for parents to improve their smiles either! As a Platinum-level Invisalign® provider, Dr. Schulte can use Invisalign to treat difficult cases. Even if you’ve been told you’re not a candidate for clear aligners, Dr. Schulte can help you achieve the smile of your dreams! She and the Westrock team ensure that patients feel special, loved and have a fun experience! 

Michael Schulte, DDS, PhD
Michael Schulte, DDS, PhD

Westrock Orthodontics | Michael Schulte, DDS, PhD

573-774-5187 | Waynesville & Camdenton

Dr. Michael Schulte grew up in Germany and received his DDS in 1998. In 2011, he met his wife Amy and moved to live with her in the United States. It must have been love, because to practice in the United States, he had to renew all of his medical credentials! The focus of Dr. Schulte’s practice is Aligner Therapy with Invisalign®, which he’s been using for 20 years. He is known for thoroughly explaining what he is doing so that patients and parents are comfortable with his treatment plans. Dr. Schulte gets to know his patients and is grateful to treat many military families with ties to Germany, so they can share stories and experiences.

AnnaKate Tatum, DDS
AnnaKate Tatum, DDS

Westrock Orthodontics | AnnaKate Tatum, DDS

417-335-4746 | Branson, MO; Harrison, AR; Berryville, AR

Dr. Tatum and Westrock Orthodontics operate with a team mindset of not only treating patients like family but as friends. In a world of insurance limitations and large corporations, Westrock puts patient care first and keeps the culture of the office vibrant and fun. Dr. Tatum is a Platinum-level Invisalign® provider. Her results speak for themselves—she consistently puts out great finishes and beautiful smiles that her patients are proud of. In fact, one recent patient said, “Not only do we love the wonderful results that my son has experienced so far, but also Dr. Tatum and her staff. They make each visit so easy!”