First Watch is Here, Brunch Lovers

A staple in the Kansas City and St. Louis markets, the cafe leans more on the healthy side offering the traditional eggy faves, avocado toast, super food bowls, wraps and fresh juices.

By Shannon Hoffmann | Photos courtesy First Watch

Oct 06 2017 at 11:19 a.m.

A staple in the Kansas City and St. Louis markets, the cafe leans more on the healthy side. Dishes range from traditional breakfast faves like scrambled eggs, omelets and eggs Benedict to avocado toast, super food bowls, wraps and fresh juices. Fall dishes include pumpkin pie oatmeal, butternut squash bisque and pumpkin pancakes. If you're looking for a little hair of the dog, you're out of luck.

Here's what you can get your paws on:

First Watch Sunrise Granola Bowl

Sunrise Granola Bowl (pictured above) and A.M. Superfoods Bowl
The Sunrise Granola Bowl consists of nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit, nuts and First Watch’s house-made granola. The A.M. Superfoods Bowl is made with coconut milk chia seed pudding, fresh bananas, berries, blackberry preserves on a bed of their house-made granola and is served with whole grain toast topped with almond butter and sea salt.

Avocado Toast 
Made with thick-cut whole grain toast with freshly smashed avocado, extra virgin olive oil, lemon and sea salt on top. Can be served with two basted eggs.

The Power Wrap
This sun-dried tomato-basil tortilla wrap is full of egg whites, turkey, spinach, house-roasted cremini mushrooms and mozzarella. It’s served with fresh fruit and a side of First Watch’s own house-made pico de gallo. 

Fresh Juices
There are two healthy liquids to choose from. The kale tonic with Fuji apple, cucumber and lemon and the morning meditation with orange, lemon, turmeric, orange ginger, agave nectar and beet. 

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