Heather Kane Returns to 417

Heather Kane sits down to talk about her new position as 417 Home's Editor-at-Large after taking time away to follow new projects, travels and experiences. Hear how she'll be plugging into the community through 417 Home, newsletters and online content.

By Heather Kane

Jul 07 2019 at 7:27 p.m.

There really is no place like Home.

Well, 417 Home that is. I’m writing this to announce in my own words that I have accepted a new position as 417 Home's Editor-at-Large. As some of you may know, I left 417 Magazine to follow some new projects, travels, and new experiences—all served up on a silver platter, shiny and new. All these things excited me at the time. As stepping out of your comfort zone always does, I learned a lot about myself. One of my biggest takeaways was how much I love the 417 community. Being a part of showing readers how much creativity and heart is in the place I grew up gave me a sense of purpose that nothing could replace. To many of you, 417 Home is just a magazine. To me, it’s always been so much more. When the opportunity to return to 417 was presented, it felt like the stars aligned for me. The decision to come back to work for a magazine that pulls on my personal passions was a simple one.

The word “joy” comes to mind when I think of 417 Home specifically.  I love the word joy. It’s a little word with big meaning. Just think about it. The little joys we experience are often found at home. They may come in the form of a few seedlings in your garden, in a glass of fresh lavender tea you share with a dear friend or a handmade quilt purchased from a local craft fair. I personally live for these moments. Sure, trips to Italy or the Bahamas are full of excitement, but it’s the time we spend with our families, in our communities and in our homes that seem to provide the type of joy that can fully sustain us.  

I want to personally thank my 417 family for allowing me this opportunity and I look forward to connecting with many of you once again as 417 Home's Editor-at-Large. You’ll probably see me out and about at home events and touring local homes so I can bring back great ideas and inspiration to 417 Home, along with original online content to our Right at Home newsletter and My hope is that our paths will cross soon, and that you will reach out for what gives you those little joys; because 417 Home really is where the heart is! Feel free to drop me a line anytime at

—Heather Kane