Local Stocking Stuffers

Shop local for the perfect little stocking stuffers for the kids on your list.

Dec 01 2023 at 10 a.m.

Photo courtesy Victoria Daugherty

Springfield-based Victoria Daugherty makes darling hand-painted wooden peg dolls, each with bright colors, unique features and sweet personalities. And because they are itty bitty little things, they’d make adorable stocking stuffers for kiddos. You can buy Dutch-inspired blue-and-white peg dolls that come in a set of three, DIY peg dolls that come with pre-painted heads and blank bodies (so creative kiddos can paint on their clothing). Our favorite doll from Daugherty’s Etsy page is Sapphire, with her colorful dress and super-long blue braids. You can even get a set of dolls with faces depicting different emotions—perfect for little ones still learning how to name their feelings. Visit @art_club_dolls on Instagram to see Daugherty’s sweet creations.