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LUX, Pax

By Brett Johnston

Oct 03 2016 at 1:53 p.m.


The sophomore release from LUX is a perfect piece of pop. The duo’s powerful on-stage chemistry bleeds over to the album as Ivy Schulte and Jake Rogers pass the vocal lead back and forth among powerful harmonies and flawless vocal interplay. Pax delivers a menagerie of styles, from the emotional piano ballad “If I Can” to the synth-heavy “Abstract”—ready for couple’s skate. Good luck shaking off the closing refrain of “Good Times.” The song builds slow with wonderful use of dynamics, something noticeable throughout Pax. The incredible vocal presence allows for simplicity in production, and the low-key “Faded” is a prime example. Pre-order Pax on iTunes before its official release Friday, October 7 on digital outlets.