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Sabrina & The Howlers, The Live EP

By Brett Johnston

Nov 21 2016 at 3 p.m.


Sabrina Deets brings the powerful throwback voice and The Howlers deliver the high-voltage score. Forces combined, Sabrina & The Howlers deliver a rock-and-roll dance party a la 1976. The Live EP is emotional and powerfully raw; easily digestible as background noise, but intense as a dedicated listen. The back-end of the EP delivers a pair of thrillers. Jacob Pemberton (bass) and Alisha Schroeder (drums) provide a funky backdrop to Deets’ crunchy guitar lines. The melody volleys between Deets (voice and guitar) and Ryan Dunn’s soaring saxophone lines. Deets pushes her vocal presence from upper register vibrato (“Evil Little Thing”) to growling lows (“Lust Lover”). The Live EP is available online and in a limited number of CDs.