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Front Row: Kelley Snow-Watson, LPC; Jessica Espinoza, CRO; Ashley Frazier-Osburne, COO; Dr. Alok Jain, Co-Owner, MD-Psychiatrist, Medical Director; A. Breanna Jain, Co-Owner, CEO, PMHNP-BC, CARN-AP, APRN; Ankit Jain; Row 2: Wayne Manier; Lisa Galeski, PMHNP; Jessica Rogers; Damine Thorpe, LMA; Row 3: Amber Peters FNP-BC, PMHNP; Shelby Weifirch; Row 4: Amy Baremore, PMHNP; Samantha Dugan PsyD; Sheryl Steinmiller; Payton Garrison; Row 5: Miranda Moore; Al Vorst; Brianna Greene; Angela Limpus, FNP
A. Breanna Jain, CEO, PMHNP-BC; Alok Jain, MD-Psychiatrist, Medical Director
A. Breanna Jain, Co-Owner, CEO, PMHNP-BC, CARN-AP, APRN; Dr. Alok Jain, Co-Owner, MD-Psychiatrist, Medical Director


3600 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO
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About Eustasis Psychiatric & Addiction Health

Eustasis Psychiatric & Addiction Health is pleased to announce construction of their brand new site in the heart of Medical Mile, opening in July 2020! There is expanded access to medication management, psychotherapy, testing and advanced treatment options.

Dr. Alok Jain and his wife Breanna Jain started the clinic in 2018 with the mission of providing the highest quality psychiatric care to all patients. Since then they have put together an amazing team of board-certified providers and support staff who have tirelessly served the Springfield community.

“We wanted to build something really vital for our patients. A place that everyone could come, regardless of age or diagnosis,” says Dr. Jain.

Dr. Alok Jain has been honored as a 417 Top Doctor every year since 2007 and is 2020's top psychiatrist. He is a board-certified psychiatrist, member of the American Psychiatric Association and has an extensive background in consultation-liaison psychiatry and psychopharmacology.

Eustasis’s immediate-access site has provided patients with an unprecedented way to receive psychiatric care without delay. Their “walk-in and be seen” model is changing the face of psychiatry. The new location has eight providers and room for growth! They are providing the most state of the art modalities, including ADHD testing and esketamine.

“It is super exciting,” says Breanna Jain, CEO, PMHNP-BC. “We have patients who come in all hours of the day, pediatric or adult, all payor sources. They will ask, ‘You mean I can really be seen right now?’ We can proudly tell them of course! This is just the way we believe mental health should be done.”

Both Dr. Jain and Breanna know that people need options in this community. Patients’ struggles are numerous, ranging from addiction, bipolar, ADHD, trauma, anxiety and more. The Jains like to think of Eustasis as a one-stop-shop.

“There shouldn’t be high levels of bureaucracy. This is what overwhelms patients. Barriers have no place when it comes to mental health,” the Jains explain.

Eustasis is committed to helping patients find the optimal balance of emotions during these difficult times. They have expanded their hours and have both in person and telemedicine options available. They are always accepting new patients!