Cucumber Fizz Made with Ty Iechyd Da Goldfinch Songbird Gin

Find a line of Springfield-made small-batch at Ty Iechyd Da Distillery.

By Jorge Cespedes

Jul 2022

Cucumber fizz drink
Photo By Leah StiefermannThis recipe for Cucumber Fizz will make you feel cool as a cucumber. Purchase Photo

The term ty iechyd da translates roughly to “good health house,” a play on a Welsh toast to good health. And that ode to cheers couldn’t be more appropriate for this local Springfield distillery creating a whole line of high-quality spirits right in the heart of downtown. With a celebrated history and background in beer brewing, the crew behind Ty Iechyd Da Distillery focuses on creating innovative small-batch spirits with an unconventional perspective. This is very true when you go through their product catalog, which includes finds such as a new Double Barrel Rye Whiskey aged for five years in both whiskey and rum barrels. Goldfinch Gin is part of the Songbird Gin selection from Ty Iechyd Da distillery. It is rested in Sauternes wine barrels giving it an elegant flavor palate with notes of oak, citrus, earthiness, cinnamon and crisp botanicals. There’s also the Double Barrel Rum that uses blackstrap molasses to create a rich and intense flavor palate. You won’t want to miss their other products either, like vodka, agave blanco, grappa, rum and a whole line of flavored liqueurs—all perfect for making summer cocktails.