Sip a Salty Dog Cocktail at Sweet Boy’s Neighborhood Bar

Sweet Boy’s Neighborhood Bar is one of the newest sip-spots in Springfield, and the Salty Dog is one of its top cocktails.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Sep 2020

Salty Dog at Sweet Boy's Neighborhood Bar
Photo by Leah StiefermannSip on the Salty Dog cocktail at Sweet Boy's Neighborhood Bar Purchase Photo

When Sweet Boy’s Neighborhood Bar (310 South Ave, Springfield, 417-719-4224) opened on South Avenue in the downtown space formerly occupied by Scotch & Soda, they talked about being a welcoming, no frills bar with a pared down cocktails list—your neighborhood spot for drinks, friends and pinball. Sweet Boy’s delivered on all accounts, but I wouldn’t label the drinks on that simplified list as simplified cocktails. They are complex and interesting and are garnering rave reviews from 417 staffers who’ve tasted them. Take, for example, the Salty Dog. The draft cocktail hits all the flavor points you want in a good drink: bitter grapefruit, herbaceous gin, sour lime, sweet raspberry and a salty rim. We can’t wait to wash away the week with a sip of this little beauty

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