Bottled Cocktails To-Go From Some of Your Favorite Local Bars

These to-go cocktails look as good as they taste. Take them home with you today.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Oct 2020

Foxglove bottled cocktail at The Royal in Springfield MO
Photo by Starboard & Port CreativeThe Foxglove at The Royal in the Rountree neighborhood.

When bar and restaurant dining rooms were closed to guests due to COVID-19 last spring, some of those businesses came up with clever ways to bottle their drinks for takeout. To our surprise, the bottles have stuck around, and now are more of an aesthetic trend than a business necessity. Here are three of our favorite bottled concoctions.


from The Royal, 1427 E. Cherry St., Suite B, Springfield
What’s inside: gin, brandy, almond orgeat, blackberry-sage simple syrup, lime juice and soda water

Salty Dog

from Sweet Boy’s Neighborhood Bar, 310 South Ave., Springfield
What’s inside: gin, grapefruit juice, raspberry, lime juice and salt

Hotel Nacional for Two

from The Golden Girl Rum Club, 137 Park Central Square, Springfield
What’s inside: pineapple-infused rum blend, apricot juice, lime juice, sugar and bitters