Meet Springfield's Oldest Butcher Shop, American Meat Co.

To be the oldest butcher shop in Springfield, American Meat Co. might just be one of southwest Missouri’s best-kept secrets.

By Haley Phillips

Nov 2019

Raw filet mignon with herbs and salt
Photo courtesy ShutterstockFind your choice of high grade cuts of beef and pork at American Meat Co.

Since 1959, American Meat Company (1845 E. Turner St., Suite A, Springfield; 417-881-2892) has been slicing the freshest cuts around. The shop cuts each filet, ribeye and chop to order and delivers to local restaurants daily. Never heard of them? The butcher shop has survived on word of mouth, but now word is out! The best part is wholesale pricing is extended to all customers, whether you’re grilling for the neighborhood or just a dinner for two or three. You’ll find choice or higher grade beef and pork when you visit, Monday through Saturday.