A Sweet Sip from MaMa Jean’s Natural Market

Sip the Drink of the Month at Mama Jean's Natural Market.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Apr 2018

Ambrosia Wave smoothie from MaMa Jean's Natural Market

After a long and exhausting night (doing nothing exciting, I promise; I have two small kids), sometimes breakfast is the last thing I want to think about. Cereal is too boring. Sausage and eggs are too time-consuming. Fancied-up oatmeal is too fussy. On days like that, I am extra grateful that MaMa Jean’s Natural Market’s Sunshine Street location (mamajeansmarket.com) is just down the road from the office. I can pop in on my way to work, ask for a smoothie (an effortless indulgence because someone else makes it for me) and sip my cares away while I fuel my mind and body for the day ahead. A sweet, summery favorite is the Ambrosia Wave, a silky mixture of strawberries, mango, pineapple and banana with some apricot nectar thrown in as well. It’s a bit like a dessert, but worth it because I know there has got to be some vitamin C in there somewhere. Right? Photo by Vivian Wheeler.