Moxie Cinema Gets A New Location in 2014

This month, Moxie Cinema is opening up shop in its third location. It’s a step up for the independent theatre with perks that will benefit southwest Missouri’s biggest movie fans.

By Jeff Houghton | Illustration by Maria Gerasimchuk-Djordjevic

Jan 2014

Independent movie theatre The Moxie Cinema is moving to its third location in its history. It’s taking up shop on the first floor of a building at 305 S. Campbell Ave. in a space that is brand new—a first for the downtown stalwart. Set to open at the end of January, the new location will be connected to the College Station parking garage, which is not an insignificant feature in an area of town where parking is at a premium. “It’s pretty hard to argue with 450 covered parking spaces that are free,” says executive director Mike Stevens. “You can actually go down the elevator, not leave the parking structure and go into our building.” 

The new spot provides the Moxie with its most advantageous location yet, with signage visible from Campbell Avenue and a spot a block from the Regal College Station Stadium 14 theatre, creating a movie theatre district of sorts. 

Rather than retrofitting a historic structure as the Moxie has done in the past, this time everything in the interior is being built with a theatre in mind. Although the square footage is comparable and there are still two screens, Stevens says the experience will be improved. “It’s going to look very similar, the theaters are going to be separated from each other, but the main thing that people are going to notice are the new seats,” says Stevens. “Both theaters will have brand new seats, and they will have risers. We did as much as we could to improve sight lines.”

Although the theatre will be in a different place, Stevens says you can expect the same Moxie now and for years to come. 

Want to be a Member?
The Moxie Cinema is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and offers memberships for tax-deductible donations. 

Types of Memberships
Students ($50): $6 ticket price for one person; 50-cent popcorn
Individual ($100): $6 ticket price for one person; 50-cent popcorn 
Family ($250): 10 free tickets, $6 ticket price for two; free popcorn 
Producer ($500): 20 free tickets; $6 ticket price for two; free popcorn
Director ($1,000): 50 free tickets; $6 ticket price for two; free popcorn