Kaye's Fashion Forward

Did your New Year’s resolution include working out and losing weight?

By Kaye Lee

Jan 2015

Did your New Year’s resolution include working out and losing weight? This was my resolution in 2014, and I got off to a pretty good start, but excuses prevailed and workouts became a thing of the past. My brilliant 2015 resolution was to try it again. 

Fashion always motivates me to take new challenges like working out, but my closet full of high heels and leather pants is not going to do me much good in the gym. So I decided I would enlist my good friend Liz Forbes to go shopping with me. Liz is a workout enthusiast with an amazing wardrobe of exercise clothing. She excels in every exercise routine there is, and I knew she would know exactly what I would need to start my wardrobe of chic, fashionable active wear and gear.

1. Our first stop was Sumit Hot Yoga. With hot yoga, it’s important to have a proper yoga mat and non-slip towel to keep your feet firmly on the ground and not in an unwanted split pose. (Yogitoes skidless yoga towels, $60 at Sumit Hot Yoga)

2. While we were at Sumit Hot Yoga, Liz explained the importance of having good quality clothing that allows your body free range of movement and also allows your body to maintain a healthy temperature during the class. (Yoga clothing ranging from $30 to $100, all from Sumit Hot Yoga)

3. A good sports bra is the key to a good workout. Take the time to find one that fits well and offers the right support. (Panache Sports Bra, $68 from Amelia Madden)

4, 5. We went to Ultramax Sports to shop for training shoes. Liz has a collection of workout shoes based on the workout routine for the day. I learned that not all shoes are made equally and that it’s important to be properly fit for the type of exercise you plan on starting. (Training shoe prices range from $100 to $185 at UltraMax Sports.)

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