Top It Off

Don’t hide from the sun this summer. Brave those rays in style with this season’s hottest trends in headwear.

By Ettie Berneking | Photo by Kevin O'Riley

Jun 2014



Why We Love It: This look is effortless yet fashionable. It goes with almost anything from a basic black maxi dress to an on-the-town ensemble. 
Wear It With: A cute summer tank and boyfriend jeans for a chic but casual look. 
Where to Find It: STAXX, 2144 E. Republic Rd. Ste. A 112, Springfield, 417-866-2900,

Why We Love It: This hat offers as much protection from the sun as it does style, and this season we’re seeing this summer staple in all sorts of fun colors.
Wear It With: This hat can go dressy or casual, so throw it on with some fun floral print on your way to the beach. 
Where to Find It: Harem & Company, 4339 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-881-0602,

Why We Love It: Ever since Helena Bonham Carter looked effortlessly stylish in the film A Room With A View, straw hats have been a chic and timeless accessory. 
Wear It With: A sundress or swimwear. With a brim that is wide enough to protect you from the sun but a style that isn’t overpowering, this is the perfect summer addition to your wardrobe. 
Where to Find It: Red Poppy Boutique, 103 S. Delaware, Nixa, 417-725-4900,