GT’s Kombucha at Ruby's Market

Get bubbly and sip the drink of the month at Ruby's Market.

Written by Adrienne Donica | Photo by Vivian Wheeler

Jun 2017

Get bubbly and sip the drink of the month at Ruby's Market.

When I heard about the new Ruby’s Market (2843 E. Sunshine St., Springfield; 417-887-6133; rubysmarket.com), I was excited for those doors to open… but so was the rest of Springfield. Finally, a month after the opening, I got my chance to explore sans a crowd. I took my time wandering the place before settling in at Fonnie’s Tap House for a glass of GT’s Kombucha. The in-market bar offers five rotating flavors of the popular fermented tea-based drink, which many laud for its health benefits (according to the Mayo Clinic, though, these have yet to be proven). I chose TRILOGY, a flavor made with ginger, raspberry and lemon. It had been a few years since my first sip of booch straight from the tap, and I was surprised to find the flavor was not as bold as I was expecting. The drink has a bright flavor heavy on ginger, slightly fruity and not too sweet. I was glad I didn’t opt for the other flavor on tap that day, GINGERADE. What I did love was that TRILOGY had just the right amount of carbonation for me. If you’re not a fan of carbonated soda, you’ll love it, too. All aboard!­