Lady in Red

Drink of the month from Bistro Market

By Ettie Berneking | Photographed by Brandon Alms

Nov 2014


I have two words for you: cranberry reduction. Mix that with some fresh mint and orange peel, and add a splash of Maker’s Mark, and you have yourself a Winter Kenny—a new cocktail that is sure to melt away those winter blues. I got my first taste of this seasonal tincture while saddled up at the bar at Bistro Market (401 South Ave., Springfield, 417-869-1840). I was squashed between one conversation detailing the history of the Negroni cocktail and another that dove deep into the possibilities of what alcoholic beverages Anthony Bourdain prefers. I was drowning fast until bartender Cacey Ball slid this ruby red cocktail in front of me. The first sip punched my mind back into gear thanks to the strong kick of the whiskey, or, as I like to call it, the nectar of the gods. While that first swig landed this beverage in the sip-rather-than-gulp category, the rest of my time spent with this red beauty was like slowly cozying up to a warm fire while gingersnap cookies bake in the oven. The cranberry concentrate is homemade thanks to Ball, who whisks this tasty brew together with dark brown sugar, a sprinkle of white sugar, cardamom, Indonesian cinnamon and a dash of anise. When combined with some strong Kentucky bourbon, bitters, muddled mint and orange and a splash of soda water, this drink is warm and tart with just a slight hint of sweet citrus. And for just $6 a pop, it’s a definite steal. Hello, winter, here I come! —Ettie Berneking