Compass Rose

By Katie Pollock Estes

Oct 2015


Hotel Vandivort’s swanky decor makes you feel like you should be sitting on a barstool with a martini in your hand. So naturally, I ordered a cocktail on a recent trip to the hotel’s restaurant The Order. The Compass Rose came out a deep, rich pink color, served in a pretty little glass with egg white froth and a syrup flower on top. This drink looks dainty, but it’s not for the weak. The flavor of my first sip was almost entirely alcohol (and I felt the buzz by the end). I braved a gulp, and the delicate flavors started to come through: the subtle sweetness of the prickly pear puree, the fresh brightness of the lemon juice and the floral hints of the rose-infused gin. The frothy egg white made the whole cocktail seem silky. It was like Mad Men meets 2015 with a feminine touch, and it was delicious.