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Geometric, Beaded, Furry Statement Earrings

Statement earrings that pair perfectly with any wardrobe.

By Ali Viknyanskiy

Sep 2017

Photo by Alex Solomon

1. Stellar earrings, $22 at MODERN Society

2. Beaded tassel earrings, $15.50 at The Red Poppy Boutique

3. Leather fringe earrings, $12.99 at Shaila’s Boutique

4. Thread-wrapped ball tassel earrings, $15 at The Red Poppy Boutique

5. Terra pearl earrings, $12.99 at Shaila’s Boutique

6. ITs Sense earrings, $12.99 at Shaila’s Boutique

7. Terra earrings, $9.99 at Shaila’s Boutique

8. Fur earrings, $5 at Shaila’s Boutique  

9. Adorne gold hoop earrings, $13 at Acacia Spa

10. Hoop black pom pom earrings, $35 at Harem & Company

11. Ella Jude earrings, $37.95 at The Market

12. Adorne silver earrings, $17 at Acacia Spa