Knit Wear Fashion on the Rise in Springfield, MO

Knitwear is on the rise this season and is showing up in some refreshing new ways in local shops.

By Colin Shea Denniston

Oct 2021

Woman in beige and white sweater
Photo courtesy ShutterstockFollow these tips for styling knitwear into your wardrobe.

Every year as the temperatures start to drop, we pack up our summer staples and pull the big cozy sweaters out of the cedar chests. But for fall 2021, a new lighter, thinner version of knitwear is taking the spotlight. “This year we’re seeing knits in all areas of fashion–skirts, joggers, ponchos, jackets and more,” says Tammy Kirks, marketing manager at Harem & Co. “The biggest trend I’ve seen are sleeveless mock necks” adds Dena Dill, buyer and manager of Town & County. These styles are perfect for layering—you can put them under a jacket or a cardigan for an effortlessly polished fall ensemble. 

Easy Style

According to Kirks, one major reason this trend is on the rise is that they are easy to wear and care for. “Most don’t require any ironing, are easy to layer, easy to move in, and easy to store,” she says. “Most are washable rather than dry cleaning, so that saves time and money.” The comfort factor is a plus as well. “As we transition to life back in the office and attending regular events, we don’t want to lose the ease and softness of loungewear,” Dill says. 

Make It Work

The options really are endless when it comes to incorporating knitwear into your wardrobe. “Some of the mock necks we have right now you could wear with athleisure pants, or you could turn around and wear it with a pencil skirt,” Dill says. Another bonus: Shed the layers as the temps warm-up for a seamless transition into spring.

Go Neutral

When it comes to colors, neutrals and black are easy to style and can carry you through the year. If you are wanting to take a decidedly seasonal approach to knitwear, Dill suggests trending fall colors like squash or saffron. And remember, the investment is worth it. “With a little care and attention, a good knit will last you many years,” Kirks says.

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