Cook at the Viking Range Corporation in Greenwood, Mississippi

Cooking classes are often fun and you walk away knowing something you didn't before. Cook in a state-of-the-art kitchen at Viking Range Corporation in Greenwood, MS, where they offer a variety of classes to satisfy your hunger to learn.

By Joan Whitaker

Jan 2019

joan and dylan whitaker at viking cooking school in greenwood, ms
Photo courtesy Joan WhitakerInterested in taking a cooking class at Viking Range Corporation? Classes are small to remain very hands on, so go online to secure your spot and begin planning you're long weekend trip today.

Imagine my surprise. I asked my son, Dylan, to go on a mother-son trip and suggested a Thunder game in OKC. He stunned me by saying he’d rather we take a cooking class. 

When I picked my chin up from the floor, I said I knew just the place.

Greenwood, Mississippi, is the home of the Viking Range Corporation, and it was the variety of classes they offered that sold us. We opted for Supper Club Social, Pasta Workshop and Parisian Dinner Party. 

Dylan was particularly psyched about making pasta from scratch. I was particularly psyched about getting to spend one-on-one time for four days with my baby boy.

Dylan and I are not chefs but we are experienced cooks. We joke Dylan learned to cook because as a child he was always on restriction. Hanging in the kitchen with me was the closest thing to “entertainment” he could find. The result is he loves to cook and can cook circles around me.

Dylan Whitaker cooking at viking cooking class Greenwood, MS
Photo courtesy Joan Whitaker

Dylan Whitaker working on a sauce during a cooking class at Viking Range Corporation.

Joan and Dylan Whitaker sitting down to a meal they cooked in Greenwood, MS
Photo courtesy Joan Whitaker

Joan and Dylan Whitaker having some fun and enjoying the fruits of their labor.

As you would imagine, the kitchen classrooms are state-of-the-art with gleaming Viking appliances and every gadget known to man. Those appliances and gadgets are conveniently sold in the store. 

There is no sitting around watching the instructor cook. Classes are small—eight to 12 people—and very hands-on. At times we were up to our elbows in flour, pounding veal for veal piccata, pulling together a cream sauce and rolling, chopping and sautéing to create wonderful meals. 

Wine, beer, tea and soda flowed freely throughout the class. Then, the pay-off. We sat with our new friends and enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

I wouldn’t say either of us learned “how to cook” but we did pick up a few good tips. One of our instructors dropped words of wisdom in the sweetest Southern drawl you’ll ever hear, like, “If you’re going to eat both sides of the meat, season both sides.”

We had a blast and ate some wonderful food. But, as you have probably already guessed, the very, very best part was sharing it all with Dylan. 

Want to go? Greenwood is just 412 miles from Springfield. If you don’t dilly-dally around, you can make it in 6 hours.


The Alluvian Hotel Lobby in Greenwood, MS
Photo courtesy The Alluvian Hotel

Stay in style and comfort while in Greenwood at The Alluvian Hotel.

Oysters at the Alluvian Hotel in Greenwood, MS
Photo courtesy The Alluvian Hotel

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