3 Plants to Repel Mosquitos in Your Backyard

Sometimes you need more than a citronella candle to keep mosquitoes away from your porch. Arm your fortress with these stylish potted plants that naturally repel those pesky insects.

By Tessa Cooper

Jun 2019

Mosquito repelling plants for your backyard in Springfield, MO
Photo Courtesy ShutterstockKeep mosquitoes and other unwanted guests away from your backyard barbecue with the help of naturally insect repellent plants like lavender.

Scented Geraniums 

With their coral, red and pink hues, scented geraniums add a bright pop of summer color to your porch. Although geraniums bloom all the way into late June, the real scent source is in the leaves. For best results, find a citrus-scented variety and crush a few leaves to unlock the scent. 


As it turns out, basil can do more than just add freshness and flavor to your caprese salads or create a mean green pesto. Mosquitoes hate the herb’s strong aroma, and the plant is actually toxic to mosquito larvae. Basil thrives when it has a lot of sunlight and extra room to grow, so consider planting it directly in the soil next to your porch or in a large pot. 


It’s no secret that the calming scent of lavender is pleasing to most. Luckily, mosquitoes don't agree. Add the plant to your porch, and you won’t need to slather yourself in lavender essential oil to rake in the benefits. Like basil, lavender needs plenty of sunlight and growing space, so choose a large pot and the corner of your porch with the most sunlight.

More Tips and Tricks

For additional ideas on how get rid of bugs and mosquitos, try a bat house or other natural remedies.