Insider's Guide to Table Rock Lake

There’s so much on Table Rock Lake to discover and explore, and this insider’s guide to Table Rock Lake is a great place to start.

By Peyson Mecke

Jun 2023

My grandparents had a house in Kimberling City that my cousins and I would move into as soon as school ended. Every day we would swim, ski and get flung around on the tube by my grandpa—whose mission was to throw us off. On rainy days we would explore Branson or huddle around the TV in the living room and get our fix of whatever Disney Channel show was trending. It was our version of sleepaway camp.

Fifteen years later, I coincidentally married someone who grew up on the Arkansas side of the lake. So when we had our son last summer, it was only natural that we went for a family swim by the time he was four weeks old. We now have our own cabin at the lake that we hope to continue creating memories that we both enjoyed as children.

Can you tell I’m TRL’s No. 1 fan!?

While there’s so much on the lake to discover and explore, this insider’s guide to Table Rock Lake is a great place to start. Whether you’re looking for that perfect house or boat for family getaways, to reconnect with your spouse for a weekend or for some solo solitude on a lazy afternoon, you can find what you’re looking for at the lake.­

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