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Visit Rotary Park for a Day of Baseball and Fun

Rotary Park in Nixa is the perfect spot to enjoy a barbecue and play a little baseball with family.

By Jo Everhart

Jul 2021

Three baseball fields aerial shot
Photo courtesy Nixa Parks and RecreationThe biggest draws to Rotary Park in Nixa are the three ballfields. But, the park also has tennis courts and playgrounds.

Baseball season is in full swing, no pun intended, and the three baseball fields at Rotary Park in Nixa (701 N. Taylor Way, Nixa) are the perfect spot to play a few innings. These fields have been there since the creation of the park in the 1950s. As a result of its age, many parents and grandparents now have the chance to watch their children learn on the same fields they played on while growing up. 

The park has kept its main elements and foundation as it has grown and been updated. For those not interested in baseball, the park houses many other activities including tennis courts, a basketball court, a sand volleyball court, playgrounds and a pavilion. “It’s a very busy park with 10 acres that offer something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking to do,” says Matt Crouse, Nixa director of parks and recreation. Because of its compact size, you can easily multitask by pushing one child on the swings at the playground and still being able to watch your other child play baseball. 

The biggest draw to Rotary Park is the immense amount of shade it offers. “It’s very popular because it has lots of mature trees with a lot of shade,” Crouse says. “Other parks are wide open with the sun beating down on you, so on a hot summer day, you want to go to Rotary Park.”

In addition to the shade, Rotary Park’s xeriscape garden offers passive space to relax with walking paths and flower gardens. The gardens are maintained by the Master Gardeners, and the Rotary club also helps with projects to keep the park up to date with everything from a fresh layer of mulch to a new coat of paint in the restroom facilities. Looking ahead, the Rotary Club hopes to help update the pavilion and keep the park in tip-top shape.