Explore Arkansas Hiking Trails with Awesome Sunsets

It’s no secret northwest Arkansas has some killer views. Next time you’re strolling through the woods, time your hike just right to watch the sun go down, but make sure to bring a flashlight with you so you can close out the hike.

By Jenna DeJong

Jul 2020

Goat Trail's Big Bluff
Photo By Sara GenslerEnd your day on a high note with the beautiful view high on Goat Trail’s Big Bluff. Purchase Photo

Pedestal Rocks and Kings Bluff Trails

Best known for its funky rock formations, this nearly 4-mile loop has a bunch of scenic views along two trails, including the overlook of the Illinois Bayous basin. Just three-quarters-of-a mile into Kings Bluff Trail is a fenced off overlook with wide views of the setting sun. It’s less than a mile to get here, so bring a flashlight. The rest of the hike could be spent in the dark. The trail picks up to the left of the bluff and connects with the Pedestal Rocks Trail. Look for the trails’ key features like Arch Rock.  
Where to Snap a Photo: The overlook onto the Illinois Bayou basin
Distance: 2.5 hours south of Springfield 

Centerpoint to Goat Trail

Big Bluff is the tallest bluff face between the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains, giving it an upper hand as one of the most beautiful spots to watch the sun go down. There is a caveat though: To get to the bluff, you have to start on Centerpoint Trail, which dives 1,000 feet in elevation. From there, veer right to pick up the Goat Trail, which leads to Big Bluff. The total hike to get to Big Bluff is just over 3 miles, and it hikes mostly through the woods, meaning the hike back is vigorous. But for the jaw-dropping views of the Buffalo River, the 6-mile roundtrip is worth it. 
Where to Snap a Photo: Big Bluff
Distance: 2 hours south of Springfield 

Sam’s Throne Recreation Area

Known as a popular rock climbing destination, this short 2-miler located in the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest is worth the drive. The expansive views make this destination a popular camping site, but the area is available for day-use hiking, too. Take a seat on top of Judea Mountain and take in the expansive views overlooking the Big Creek valley. Once you’re done, go back the way you came. The simple there-and-back route on this trail makes it easy to navigate even while the sun is setting.
Where to Snap a Photo: Sam’s Throne
Distance: 2 hours south of Springfield