Libbianna Eutsler & Matt Jones

A small town pair enjoyed a flower-powered ceremony.

By Karen Bliss

Jan 2018

Libbianna Eutsler & Matt Jones
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyLibbianna and Matt knew each other for years before their courtship began. In the end, they turned out to be the perfect match and were married after a 10-month engagement.

It’s impossible to know when you might meet the person of your dreams. But, for Libbianna Eutsler and Matt Jones, their future spouses turned out to be fellow junior high classmates. Matt was a year ahead of her in school. Although they shared the same friend group, they never spent one-on-one time together. 

“We both played sports,” Libbianna says. “We were both around sporting events all the time. I used to babysit right across the street from where he used to live. We would talk, but we would never go out of our way to hang out with each other.”

But then when the pair were attending school at Ozarks Technical Community College, their mutual friends had a get-together where the couple spent some time talking. From then on, Libbianna said she didn’t have interest in anyone else but Matt. 

After three-and-a-half years of dating, Matt took Libbianna, a friend and their dog hiking to Hemmed-In Hollow in Arkansas. There, he proposed to her under a large waterfall. After 10 months of engagement, they were ready to tie the knot. 

Matt and Libbianna are both from Ozark and wanted to plan a wedding with the community in mind. The choice of caterer, videographer and florals were all based on family and friend connections. “Everything that we did, I used a more small town, local approach to it,” Libbianna says. “Everything was so close knit, special and fun.”

Libbianna and Matt live in Ozark. Libbianna is a certified occupational therapy assistant who is attending Cox College for a master’s degree in occupational therapy. Matt is finishing his degree in graphic design while working at Transport Graphics.

Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyLibbianna chose Normans Bridal as her dress vendor because she had been there many times before to pick out dresses for other special occasions in her life.
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyKathy Eutsler, Libbianna’s mom, helped the bride get ready for the big day.
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyThe silk florals used at the wedding were created by Libbianna’s stepmom, Kelly Eutsler. Libbianna’s engagement ring was purchased at Sam’s Club, and the wedding bands came from Kay Jewelers.
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyHaving a traditional church wedding was important to Libbianna and Matt, so they tied the knot in front of friends and family at King’s Way United Methodist Church.
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyCourtney Overmon, Carlie Allison, Anna Bledsoe, Brenna Jenisch and Meleah Goodin were Libbianna’s bridesmaids. Libbianna has known many of them since she was a kid.
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyFlorals were a focal point of the bridal party. Groomsmen wore floral bow ties, which matched the bridesmaids’ dresses.
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyHometown style was a big part of Libbianna and Matt’s wedding, from the floral ties all the way down to the shining shoes.
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyFamily and friends were key at Libbianna and Matt’s close-knit ceremony. Seven groomsmen celebrated with Matt when he said “I do.”
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyThe happy couple paired glitzy decorations with romantic floral accents for their reception at Old Towne Event Center.
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyGuests enjoyed many desserts including a chocolate naked cake with cream cheese frosting and sugar cookies, all made by Twenty-One Cakes. Blond and chocolate brownies were provided by Amy Rector.
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyMatt and Libbianna were grateful to share their wedding with the many important people in their lives, including friends, teachers and others from the Ozark community. They used a paper parasol to show their appreciation.
Photo by Mandy Evans PhotographyMatt and Libbianna say one of the most special parts of their wedding day was having friends and family stand beside them.
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