Center of Attention

A recent 417-land bride shares how she customized her wedding with D.I.Y. take-home gifts that matched her centerpieces.

By Dayle Duggins | Photos courtesy Aaron Clark Photography, by Jamie Kalil

Jun 2013


Audrey Burt, recent bride and sister of our lovely art director Jamie Kalil, was aiming for one thing when planning her wedding to Everett Pauls: simplicity. To continue the Midwestern vibe of the couple’s earthy, outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, Audrey decided succulent centerpieces would add to the event’s natural ambiance. Wickman’s Garden Village took care of the large succulent decorations, and Audrey put together a mini mason jar version of the centerpieces for guests to take home. “I just stayed up really late in my backyard one night and finished them all,” she says. “Each table had something a little bit different, and it created a mix-matched feel.” A road trip pit stop at Everett’s grandparents’ home in Colorado scored the couple large green glass jugs to accompany the succulents along with a variety of antique oil lamps and doilies collected from thrift stores around 417-land. With several of the succulent wedding gifts still growing in the homes of her sister and grandparents, Audrey shares the how-to on this decorative D.I.Y. project.

Do it yourself:

Mason jars
Rocks or gravel 
A variety of succulents
Craft paper

1. Spread a layer of rock or gravel across the bottom of the Mason jar. (Thickness depends on preference.)
2. Distribute a layer of dirt on top of the rocks.
3. Place the succulents on top of the dirt.
4. Pack in dirt to secure the succulents. Don’t worry about exposed roots, this adds variety to each centerpiece.
5. Using a pen and craft paper of your choice, quote your favorite poem or book or write a note for your guests to enjoy. 
6. Tie yarn around the top of the Mason jar, and attach the paper with your handwritten note.