Suite Delight

Big Cedar Lodge’s new bridal suite is a cozy retreat with one seriously impressive view.

By Ettie Berneking | Photos courtesy Big Cedar Lodge

Jun 2015


The new bridal suite at Big Cedar Lodge includes a mirrored staging area for the bride.

The wedding day can be stressful, especially if your perfect wedding venue doesn't have a quite-so-perfect bridal suite where you and your bridesmaids can get ready for the celebration. To help reduce the stress, Big Cedar Lodge built a stunning new bridal suite next door to its spa—just in case you need a relaxing massage before heading down the aisle. 

When construction on the suite wrapped up at the end of 2014, anticipation was high. Would it match the relaxing spa next door or would it embrace the woodsy vibe of the surrounding cabins?

The end result is a mix of both styles. With its A-frame ceiling and a clean color palette of white, tan and grayish blue, the suite is a quiet, calming escape while touches of bronze, copper and wood give it just a hint of Ozark charm. With the exception of a few round wooden tables and plush seating, the space is relatively bare. This airiness is part of the appeal. It allows the bride and her wedding party to add a personal touch to the space.

A mirrored staging area gives the bride a nearly 360-degree view of herself as she adds the finishing touches to her look, while a row of chairs and mirrors along the opposite wall gives the bridesmaids plenty of space to prepare for their walk down the aisle. But the real cherry on top is the private patio with its wood-burning fireplace.

The suite is rented by the hour for $150 and can be used for any occasion including your bachelorette party with an afternoon at the nearby Cedar Creek Spa or maybe a baby shower for a beloved best friend. The suite even hosted three generations of women for one very special Mother’s Day event.

So next time you’re headed to Big Cedar for the weekend, stop and check out the new bridal suite.

Big Cedar Lodge's luxurious spa is located next to its new bridal suite.


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