The Name Game

Follow these three simple steps to change your last name.

By Savannah Waszczuk | Photo by Christian Gideon Photography

Jun 2017

The Name Game

ONE: Take a trip to a Social Security office with your marriage license and your current driver’s license. A new Social Security card will be mailed to you in about two weeks.

TWO: Take that new Social Security card or your marriage license and birth certificate to the Department of Motor Vehicles, sign on the dotted line, pose for a new picture and walk out with a new driver’s license in hand.

THREE: Use your new Social Security card and license to change the name on your accounts at the bank. Then be sure to change the name on your insurance policies, credit cards, loans and any other important accounts, documents and more.

Apply for your marriage license at these offices:

Christian County Recorder
100 W. Church St., Room 104, Ozark
$55 (cash only)

Greene County Recorder of Deeds
940 N. Boonville Ave.,
Springfield, 417-868-4068
$51 cash, fees added for cards, $60 for name change

Webster County Recorder
101 N. Crittenden Ave., Room 16, Marshfield
$46 (cash only)

Taney County Recorder of Deeds
132 David St., Forsyth
$60 (cash or check)
appointment required