Take The cake

When it comes to wedding planning, most brides get to have all the fun. But there’s one item on the pre-nuptial to-do list that belongs solely to the groom: the groom’s cake.

By Ettie Berneking | Photos by Kevin O'Riley, Jessica Kennon Spencer

Dec 2013


1. “Traditionally, grooms’ cakes were a way to include chocolate into the night’s dessert options. But over the years, we’ve seen grooms get more creative with their cake selection. We’ve made cakes with antlers and camouflage, but we also make a lot of what we call ‘hobby cakes.’ We’ve made cakes that look like drums, we’ve made a cake for an avid bowhunter and we even made one that looked like a giant cheeseburger.”Beth Perry, Beth’s Bake Shoppe

2. “The trend for us now is anything dealing with sports, so we’ve incorporated team logos and mascots into cakes. Also, our specialty is sculpting cakes, and we’ve done plenty of that. We want to make them taste as good as they look and look as good as they taste. One example is this vintage turntable cake.”—Leta Verdugo, Amycakes Bakery

3. “We see a lot of requests for specialty cakes. One cake we made was a black lab cake that looked like the groom’s dog. Our most popular cake is actually our wild white raspberry cake. I think that grooms are moving toward non-traditional cakes in both design and flavor.”—Amanda Stout, Sugar Leaf Bakery