Most Creative Lighting Throughout 2021 Winner

Take a look inside the winning design of the Most Creative Lighting Throughout in 417 Home’s 2021 Design Awards.

by Colin Shea Denniston

Mar 2022

Most Creative Lighting Throughout 2021 Design Awards
Photos by Jeremy Mason McGraw, Global Image Creation, courtesy Cabinet Concepts by DesignTo keep things light and bright in the bathroom, Nathan Taylor of Obelisk Home used a chandelier of opalescent blown acrylic that helps define the space above the tub while still providing an overall cozy feel.

WINNING DESIGNER: Nathan Taylor of Obelisk Home 

Project Goal Summary

“As the final stages of the home were being built we started the hunt for the perfect lighting. The goal was to have adequate task lighting but also statement pieces that would accentuate the details. Custom chandeliers were created for the stairwell and entryway, and art lights were installed to highlight the homeowners’ collection of local art. With a push of a button, all of the home's lights can be switched on and be programmed for certain scenes throughout the day.”—Nathan Taylor

With tall ceilings and a generous floor plan, the homeowners of this new construction wanted a space that would still feel warm and inviting for everyday life. Through his clever designs and out-of-the-box thinking, Nathan Taylor, owner and principal designer of Obelisk Home, was able to enhance the space by creating pockets of comfort and one-of-a-kind lighting throughout.

According to Taylor, a lot of searching was required to make sure the custom light fixtures throughout the space felt unique yet still cohesive. “Most of the lighting is a combination of three or four different vendors as opposed to just one,” says Taylor. “The custom chandelier in the stairwell was actually three different chandeliers and we had them combined into one to make a much more dramatic statement,” Taylor adds.

Most Creative Lighting 2021 winner spiral staircase

Three chandeliers were combined into one for a custom lighting piece that was perfectly suited for the home’s stairwell space—and the bold artwork nearby.

Most Creative Lighting 2021 hallway

In the hallway lights shine straight down on the floor to highlight the walkway without making the space appear too overly bright.

Photos by Jeremy Mason McGraw, Global Image Creation, courtesy Cabinet Concepts by Design

In the foyer a custom fixture of glass balls and cables was created with the narrow space in mind. “We were very limited on width  so we had to do long and skinny. We wanted to get the drama of light, but we needed light to go up and down,” says Taylor.

Because of the tall ceiling heights and large windows in the dining room, Taylor concentrated the light and strategically focused it down low. He also used materials like antique brass and alabaster to create an overall sense of warmth and coziness.

An additional challenge was finding a way to display the homeowners’ extensive collection of art while still defining individual spaces. “We were planning out where furniture would go, where art would go and then we had to work with the electrician,” says Taylor. “For example, the fireplace in the principal bedroom—it was a beautiful porcelain cloud tile, and we wanted the light to highlight the fireplace, but to the left of the fireplace is a piece of art and we wanted to be able to light that as well,” Taylor says. He and his team had to think ahead to make sure art lights could be added throughout the home after the art was selected. “On many of the art pieces we had custom lights made to fit the piece of art exactly so that it would light up the art from top to bottom as opposed to just like a spotlight on it,” says Taylor.

The resulting design is a truly one-of-a-kind space where art and light both take center stage.

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